Struggling with Reading Skills?

PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) is a worldwide research project run by the IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) which has its central office in Amsterdam. The PIRLS study takes place every five years and provides data about trends in reading literacy in primary schools around the globe. The most recent results from the 2016 study has South Africa placed last among the 50 countries evaluated.

This means 78% of 10-year olds in South Africa cannot read with comprehension and understanding. Compared with 3% in the US, 4% in the UK and 13% in Chile, these results indicate that South Africa needs to give particular attention to improving our nation's level of reading literacy.


Reading and academic literacy can only develop through constant exposure to reading. Teamed with specific training and methodology to develop these skills, our Reading Literacy Programme focusses on building oral fluency.



Vocabulary and pronunciation difficulties are addressed as well as assistance with understanding content. As students progress, they are exposed to more complex and abstract tasks thus developing their level of reading literacy.


The main aim is to develop decoding skills, improve comprehension and build enjoyment and a lifelong habit of reading.


Our Reading Literacy Programme is suitable for Young Learners (from age 10+) and Adults. 


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